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Our Tech Support services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our agile, approachable and accountable team will ensure to get you the best solution in minimum time possible.

Telephone support

If you need support, help is just a phone call away. A dedicated, round-the-clock helpline is on standby to answer any question you may have, 24/7.

You can get in touch with a tech support executive at:

+91 20 265 19030

+91 20 265 19031

International client can reach us at:

+91 20 265 19050

Online Support

We provide 24/7 technical support to all clients, provided through our high-end ticketing system. All requests are generally answered within 2 hours or less with guaranteed assistance within 24 hours. This type of global expert support has the fastest response times and also provides a detailed ticket history for your business.

Domestic clients can write in to:

International client can reach us at:

Customer Orientation

We place customer service at the very top of our list of priorities. We have invested heavily in technology and in training our people to provide you with the service you expect. We aim to answer all phone calls within four rings – and by a human being, not an auto-attendant, so you won’t have to navigate through endless menus.

Email enquiries are responded to typically within 24 hours. We believe a customer is for life, and we aim to maintain a relationship and adapt our service to meet your developing needs.

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